Reliable & Swift

Your most economical and efficient point-to-point delivery and logistics solutions provider.

Standard Delivery

Your most economical door-to-door delivery solution. Parcel can be picked up and delivered within 3 working days.

Same-Day Delivery

Guaranteed same-day pick up and delivery service. Supporting normal room temperature parcel or even frozen food.

Warehousing & Fulfilment

Inventory management, order processing, packaging and delivery. All professionally managed by us. No hassle for you.

Cross-Border Logistics

Sync systems and departments so you no longer have to wait for numbers
Jumppoint courier
Jumppoint Door-to-Door Delivery

We've got you covered

No matter what type of business you are, we can always provide you the best logistics solution you need.
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Retail Services icon

Retail services

Our technology can facilitate operations, enhance supply chain transparency and reliability. Delivering goods safe and sound to keep your business running.
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Online shop

It take a lot to stand out from the many online shops now. Our service gives you an edge in the competition by quality yet cost-saving delivery services. 
Frozen Food icon

Frozen food & fresh produce

We provides multiple temperature choices for delivery. Goods are delivered to your clients door-to-door on the same day.
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Cross-border eCommerce

Our service covers import and export to Hong Kong, air freight, warehousing and fulfilment. Giving you low-cost logistics options across the globe.