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The e-Commerce sector has been growing in an unprecedented rate in recent years. Often online shop owners have to face tons of challenges alone. But with Aigniter, we provide one-stop solutions to handle all your hassle with managing an e-Commerce site. From sourcing, payment, to logistics, we are here to take care everything for you and grow your business.
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With our extensive merchant network, we are definitely not short of products or even services for you to sell. Frozen food, electronics, service packages, we have it all.
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We provide plug-ins and APIs for your site to connect to payment acceptance services. Apply now to enjoy competitive rate and save on transaction cost as soon as possible.
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Jumppoint provides extremely affordable door-to-door and cross-border delivery solutions. Connect your site to our APIs with ease.
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Contact our team to work out a custom made solution for you. Payment, logistics or commerce, we do it all.